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Vapour barriers

The flow of warm, humid air through insulated roof areas must be either completely prevented or only allowed under controlled and suitably co-ordinated convection conditions.
Utmost care is required when incorporating these products. Particularly important here is the use of top-quality adhesives and adhesive tapes. Good-practice workmanship using our system products makes a major contribution to thermal insulation performance while avoiding any potential humidity and condensation damage.

Multi-ply vapour barrier
  • Protects the internal roof construction against moisture and draughts
  • Tear-resistant
  • Allows rapid application
  • Multi-layer
BDS 150
BDS 150
  • Allows fast, straightforward application due to low weight
  • Tear-resistant and highly stretchable
  • Low density combined with high performance
BDS 107
BDS 107
  • BDS 107 is a 3-ply co-extruded vapour check membrane
  • Straightforward application due to low weight
  • The innovative assembly achieves the same diffusion resistance values as standard 160 µm PE vapour checks, despite its lower thickness
  • Stretchable and tear-resistant
Difu Stop ALU 1500
Difu Stop ALU 1500
  • vapour barrier / sealing sheet
  • steam diffusion-tight
  • reaction to fire class E
  • non-aging
Difu Stop ALU 3000 K
Difu Stop ALU 3000 K
  • flat adhesive coating
  • quick processing
  • particularly vapour-tight
  • particularly suitable for flat roofs
PE vapour barrier
PE vapour barrier
  • White/blue PE vapour check and wind barrier for interiors, for laying directly on insulation.
  • It serves to prevent the ingress of damaging moisture and wind.