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Flexible sheets and membranes

Over the past 30 years, roofs have evolved from simple protective barriers into complex building elements. The underlays incorporated in these constructions must fulfil the dual requirements of watertightness and vapour permeability
(so-called "breathability").
Complex weather conditions act on these materials and overtax many of the conventional flexible sheet products.

This manifests itself in premature ageing, whose clearly recognizable symptoms
are embrittlement and, ultimately, decomposition.
The resulting failures are devastating, with the roof structure and insulation suffering permanent damage from water infiltration and subsequent infection by microorganisms.

The development of new, superior material standards has long been the objective of various expert panels (see ZVDH [Federation of German Roofing Contractors] product data sheets to DIN 13859-1). For years now, we have focused on polyester nonwovens as the main base material for our new developments. Our innovations include specially finished flexible sheets, which for the first time combine UV stability with heat resistance up to 150°C. Given that our sheets are rotproof when used for their specified purpose, we offer - as an absolute novelty to date - a performance guarantee for up to 20 years*.

Flexible sheets and membranes product groups