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Company history

2008 Establishment of "Roof Academy" at Reichenbach, Germany
2007 Expansion of manufacturing operations with warehouse and administrative complex plus new co-extrusion production methods at Reichenbach
2006 Establishment of test laboratory meeting current standards and implementing standard test procedures at Reichenbach
Introduction of thermobonding as new production method
2003 Launch of sales operations in Spain, Portugal and Italy
2002 Launch of sales operations in eastern European countries, including Hungary, Poland and Russia
2001 Launch of sales operations in UK and Ireland
2000 Extension of logistics centre at Wolpertshausen to over 7,000 sqm
1998 Acquisition of distribution company allform Bautechnik GmbH & Co KG
This amalgamation further strengthened the company's position in the German builders' merchant market.
New production facility built at Reichenbach in Vogtland region of eastern Germany, a former textile manufacturing centre.
1996 Manufacture of breathable sheathing membranes
1995 New-build administrative and sales centre at Wolpertshausen
Launch of sales operations in Scandinavia
1994 Foundation of BWK France
1993 25-strong workforce. Bolstered by numerous patented developments and the growing international success of its products, BWK embarks on a path of innovation.
1991 15-strong workforce, small company building at Waldenburg in southern Germany
1989 Foundation of BWK Dachzubehör GmbH at Kupferzell, a town in the southern German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. The surrounding region is famous worldwide for the manufacture of screws and other fasteners.